DL 22030, Broadband Ferrite 2-Way, Covers 20 to 3000 MHz

The DL22030 broadband 2-way power divider is ideal for a wide range of wireless radio frequency microwave applications ranging from amplifier combining & receiver dividing to antenna splitting, and is suitable for networks from VHF to S band. The electrical performance of this ferrite component operating in the frequency range of 20-3000 MHz is highlighted with an excellent insertion loss of 2 dB max, 18 dB min isolation, 1.5:1 max input VSWR and 1.5:1 max output VSWR. Amplitude and phase balance are ±0.5 dB and ±4 degrees respectively. Its power rating is 1 watt and the compact package size (1.25˝ x .7˝ x .5˝) allows this extremely lightweight component to fit into space limited locations. Tested temperature range is -40° to +70° C. SMA connectors are standard. Download Datasheet.

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