DMS 4319, Compact Four-Way, Covers .38 - 6GHz

The DMS 4319 is TRM’s latest addition to a line of miniature power dividers/combiners: it operates from 0.38 to 6.00 GHz with low insertion loss and outstanding amplitude, phase balance and unit to unit phase tracking.

Its broad frequency range makes it suitable for a wide range of wireless communications applications, including in GPS, GSM, DCS, PCS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/y WLAN systems. Isolation between ports typically ranges from 14 dB to 18 dB, with typical insertion loss of 1.5 dB and maximum VSWR of 1.80:1. The divider boasts amplitude balance of typically ±0.3 dB and phase balance of typically ±4 deg. across the full frequency range. 

The four-way power divider, which features an integrated broadband DC blocking capacitor, is rated for maximum input power of 30 W. It is supplied in a compact package measuring just 2.5 x 3.75 x0 .38 in. with side mounting surface and SMP connectors for space-limited locations. Contact: or call 603-627-6000. Details/Datasheet

About TRM Microwave

Founded in 1970, TRM Microwave is a global leader in the design and manufacture of custom and ready-to-build RF and microwave components, integrated assemblies and subsystems for defense, space, and commercial applications. The company's product line covers DC to 40 GHz with power handling of up to 100 kW.