TRM Celebrates 40 Years in Business

Founded in 1970 in Bedford, NH by Tony Tirollo and Art Marin, TRM Microwave will celebrate its 40th year anniversary June 21st. The company which began in a 1,200-square-foot facility, is outgrowing its current 15,000 square feet and will soon need to relocate to another facility.

Over the past 40 years, TRM has built their solid reputation by suppling military and space-qualified passive RF components, including directional couplers, power dividers, hybrids and beamformers. TRM is also know for offering exceptional engineering services and custom jobs account for 80 percent their business: “We’ve always had that tough, New England attitude and have never gone back to a customer and said that we couldn’t deliver the job as promised for them,” explains Tirollo. The company continues to thrive however and enjoyed record bookings and shipments  last year, during a time when a significant number of  small businesses struggled to stay afloat.

Tirollo credits Chief Operating Officer (COO) Mark Schappler for steering the company in the right direction: “We're improving our manufacturing processes in order to handle higher-volume jobs more efficiently. That’s one of the things that Mark  has brought to the company.” Schappler maintains that their customers  drive them to improve: “Our customers are constantly pushing us for  greater performance at lower cost. Right now, we are working on the  redesign of a custom job in order to drop the price 30 percent for that  customer.” By becoming “engineering problem solvers” and cultivating its  young engineering talent, Tirollo and his team have built a company that's designed to last far beyond 40 years.

About TRM Microwave

Founded in 1970, TRM Microwave is a global leader in the design and manufacture of custom and ready-to-build RF and microwave components, integrated assemblies and subsystems for defense, space, and commercial applications. The company's product line covers DC to 40 GHz with power handling of up to 100 kW.